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Find Lasting Relief from Arthritis and Spine Pain WITHOUT SURGERY

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Who We Are

At Southcoast Regenerative Medicine, we use your own cells and tissue to remedy arthritis and back pain. If you have chronic knee, joint, back, or spine issues—you may have alternatives to surgery after all. Regenerative therapy is gaining serious traction in the medical world and with results like ours, it’s easy to see why.

Cellular therapy to treat COVID-19

China has reported success using cell therapy to treat severe ARDS (pneumonia) caused by COVID-19.  Italian medical associations and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) are calling for governments to allow use of cell therapy to treat patients not responding to conventional treatment and suggesting the use of these cells might markedly decrease the need for ventilators.

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Why Regenerative Medicine?

Are you living with pain from arthritis, spine disease, or knee replacement surgery and frustrated by your lack of results from traditional options? Do you have a meniscus injury and want to help the tissue heal, rather than simply cutting it away? There is a reason many of the world’s best athletes like Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and Rafael Nadal have turned to regenerative medicine for help. Regenerative techniques use cellular therapy to help your tissues heal without surgery. These procedures are typically simple, almost painless, and provide cells that may continue to work indefinitely. Many patients testify to decreased pain and improved function after stem cell therapy.

What We Do

PRP Therapy

Stimulate and accelerate your body’s natural healing systems with concentrated platelets and exosome injections.

Stem Cell Therapy

Our practice offers a variety of both autologous and allogenic stem cell therapy treatments for lasting pain relief.

Alpha 2 Macroblobulin, Exosomes, Amniotic extracts

Utilizing the latest techniques in harnessing the healing powers of amniotic membrane and intra-embryonic tissues.

What Our Patients Say

“I felt so comfortable with Dr. Daniel and his explanation of everything he did. The following day, I was feeling so much better.”

Lynne F.

“My wish is to be med-free and Dr. Daniel is now in the process of correcting and helping me. I trust his knowledge and expertise and always will.”

Terry G.

“He and his staff are caring, compassionate and professional and I am ever grateful for the back pain relief I have experienced under his care.”

Carolyn D.

“This is a great doctor and staff! They’re super respectful, knowledgeable, caring and friendly. Truly love these people!”

Tonya G.

You Always Have Options

Woman with Chronic Pain
Medical Consultation

Joint and spine pain can severely limit your ability to do the things you love to do. Often, traditional approaches like physical therapy, medications, and steroid injections simply do not provide the relief patients are seeking. They are instead left facing the possibility of surgeries with poor track records and long, painful recoveries.

However, there is another option—a better option. Take the first step towards improving your health without surgery, by coming for a consultation. Let us provide personalized guidance on alternative treatments. Our singular goal is to get you back to the healthy lifestyle and daily activities you once enjoyed.

Our Promise

At Southcoast Regenerative Medicine, we promise to provide each of our patients with the very best regenerative medicine methods available. Our services will exclusively be rendered by board certified, licensed physicians with proven experience in regenerative techniques. This is our ethical commitment to you.