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Are you looking for KNEE PAIN relief without surgery?

At Southcoast, we use Medicare covered treatments as well as cellular options to help you avoid spine and joint surgery like total knee replacement!

We have seen thousands of patients with spine and joint pain. Many of those patients elected for surgery before even trying simple Medicare-covered options like Hymovis for knee pain.  Total knee replacement leaves as many as one of three patients in chronic pain.

Let us show you all the options available, BEFORE you go under the knife!

How it Works

Troubled with Knee Arthritis? Watch out 2minute explainer video to learn more.

Knee Arthritis

Millions of Americans have Knee arthritis causing them to limit activity to prevent more pain. We can help you get active again without surgery!

  • Medicare-covered, simple, in-office procedures that can relieve pain quickly
  • Pain relief without hospitalization and surgery
  • A member of the Bluetail Network a group with over 50,000 cell therapy procedures done…we give you more options!

A Note from Bluetail:

On June 6, 2021, the FDA published “Important Patient and Consumer Information About Regenerative Medicine Therapies”. This statement was intended to caution the public about “Stem Cell” clinics who have been making false and fraudulent statements publicly and performing unapproved and potentially dangerous or life-threatening procedures without sound scientific proof for safety or efficacy.

Our centers in Missouri, Naples Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Arkansas conduct clinical research and currently have an investigational new drug (IND) application filed with the FDA for the use of bone marrow concentrate in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (IND #27390.) Bluetail Medical Group’s physicians are committed to applying for and obtaining multiple future IND’s for other orthopedic conditions. We continue to compile outcome data on treatments we provide for numerous musculoskeletal conditions treated by Bluetail Medical Group Physicians. We have successfully published our outcome data related to the treatment of knee osteoarthritis as well as elbow ligament injuries in throwing athletes.

As a national leader in non-surgical orthopedic sports medicine for over a decade, you can trust that your Bluetail Medical Group physician is following all current FDA directives and is committed to furthering the ethical advancement of autologous cell treatments.

FDA compliant Cell Therapy

Cell therapy is gaining traction in the medical world. Medical research is substantiating safety and patient improvement.  As a member of the Bluetail group, Southcoast is your only regional provider, currently involved in an FDA IND (Investigational New Drug) study assessing the use of Cell Therapy to treat knee arthritis. Bluetail has also obtained an Investigational device exemption (IDE  #27960) for the use of bone marrow to treat knee arthritis.

The FDA has made attempts to limit the availability of cell therapy, citing some problems associated with rogue providers who presented options clearly not in the best interest of patients.  It remains our belief that the advantages of cell therapy, when offered by well-trained and intended physicians, far outweighs those issues.  We strongly encourage patients seeking these treatments to rely on ethical, board-certified physicians to provide them. The recent ruling noted below makes us optimistic that the FDA may soon limit efforts to restrain these ground-breaking treatments that can provide healing and allow for less pain, with no surgery.

In the August 30th, 2022 judgment, Judge Bernal ruled that the Defendants’ Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Surgical Procedure nor its Expanded Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) Procedure are “drugs” within the meaning of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA). The SVF Procedure and Expanded MSC Procedure are not subject to the FDCA’s adulteration and misbranding provisions. Additionally, the Defendants’ SVF Procedure-but not the Expanded MSC Procedure-also qualifies for the Same Surgical Procedure Exception.

This is a major victory for the field of regenerative medicine and advocates of alternative stem cell-based treatments.

“Judge Bernal’s ruling is a huge step forward in the field of regenerative medicine” states Mike Tomas, President & CEO. Adding “This ruling demonstrates our position that a patient’s own stem cells are not a drug and provides us grounds to continue fighting to overturn U.S. Stem Cell’s ruling.”

Let Us Help You

Are you tired of going to the doctor and leaving with the feeling that you weren’t heard? Do you feel like your visit was rushed and the doctor had other things to do?

Take a minute to visit with us. Let us listen to your story, hear about your pain and problems,  and together help you sort through your options. Even if you have tried treatments that failed before, we might can still help.

Not yet ready to come by in person? That’s ok, but please sign up for a zoom call.

If you are ready to come to our office, rest assured we take Covid precautions.   We will be happy to get you in quickly and show you what might work for you.

Why Cellular Therapy?

  • Are you living with pain from knee arthritis?
  • Do you have chronic spine pain?
  • Are you frustrated by your lack of results from traditional options?
  • Have you seen a surgeon who told you your “only option” was surgery?
  • Do you have a meniscus injury and prefer to help the tissue heal, rather than simply cutting it away?


There is a reason many of the world’s best athletes like Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and Rafael Nadal have turned to newer, cellular treatments for help. These techniques use your own cells to help you find pain relief without surgery. The procedures are simple, with minimal pain and provide cells that may continue to work indefinitely. Around the world, cell therapy is being explored and utilized more often as a much less invasive treatment than surgery. While there is much yet to learn, and complications and failures can occur, as with any treatment, researchers around the world are showing cell therapy to be a reasonable option for knee arthritis.

Cell Therapy is not new. It was first used over 50 years ago to treat blood cancers. However, only in the last decade or so have we begun to realize the incredible implications for the use of cell therapy treating spine and joint pain. We have seen some remarkable results. As a member of the Bluetail group, Southcoast is also the only regional provider with FDA IND and IDE to use bone marrow cell therapy for the treatment of knee arthritis.

If you have knee arthritis, or other joint pain, and have failed traditional treatments, let us discuss newer options for pain relief. Keep in mind that we offer many traditional treatments such as Hyaluronic acid, most of which are covered by your insurance. Our goal is to find the simplest way to help you get out of pain, without surgery.

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What We Do

PRP Therapy

Stimulate and accelerate your body’s natural healing systems with concentrated autologous serum injections.

Cell Therapy

This is a rapidly changing field in medicine. Through Bluetail, we are part of a group of physicians dedicated to offering our patients quality, non-surgical options that have a legitimate chance of providing substantial relief.

Traditional, Medicare-covered options

We use therapy, medications, and Medicare-covered injections to provide relief.

What Our Patients Say

“I felt so comfortable with Dr. Daniel and his explanation of everything he did. The following day, I was feeling so much better.”

Lynne F.

“My wish is to be med-free and Dr. Daniel is now in the process of correcting and helping me. I trust his knowledge and expertise and always will.”

Terry G.

“He and his staff are caring, compassionate and professional and I am ever grateful for the back pain relief I have experienced under his care.”

Carolyn D.

“This is a great doctor and staff! They’re super respectful, knowledgeable, caring and friendly. Truly love these people!”

Tonya G.

You Always Have Options

Woman with Chronic Pain
Medical Consultation

Joint and spine pain can severely limit your ability to do the things you love to do. Often, traditional approaches like physical therapy, medications, and steroid injections simply do not provide the relief patients are seeking. They are instead left facing the possibility of surgeries with poor track records and long, painful recoveries.

However, there is another option—a better option. Take the first step towards improving your health without surgery, by coming for a consultation. Let us provide personalized guidance on alternative treatments. Our singular goal is to get you back to the healthy lifestyle and daily activities you once enjoyed.

Our Promise

At Southcoast Regenerative Medicine, we promise to provide each of our patients with the very best treatments available. Our services will exclusively be rendered by board certified, licensed physicians with proven experience. We will work to provide the best pain relief, as quickly as possible, with the least invasive treatments. This is our ethical commitment to you.