Do you have chronic knee pain from arthritis? Have you been told that your only option was surgery?

Historically, there was little that could be done to help patients with such issues, but new breakthroughs in research have proven that we all have cells with the potential to repair damaged tissues. At Southcoast we use these Autologous cells (your own cells) to give you more options to relieve pain and heal tissue, and help patients regain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Arthritis and Back Pain Relief

The procedures we use are similar to those used by clinicians at all credible institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Duke, and Stanford. The cells we obtain from bone marrow are concentrated and then injected at the site of injury or degeneration to give pain relief for those with joint and spine pain.

Take a moment to review these videos of Dr. Shane Shapiro from Mayo Clinic as he explains the positive results from a Mayo Clinic orthobiologicstudy focused on knee arthritis, and Dr. Blake Boggess from Duke University as he discusses similar use of autologous cells to treat arthritis pain. The procedures described are what we have been doing at Southcoast Regenerative Medicine since our inception. We use data, training and techniques developed by our colleagues at Bluetail Medical. As a Bluetail Medical Affiliate, our physicians benefit from the training and experience of a medical network that has provided over 50,000 autologous bone marrow procedures, and this number is growing. We also interact with this network of like minded physicians regularly to discuss case options and be sure we are providing the most effective treatments available.

We treat joint and back pain most often,  but other applications include treatment for:

  • muscle injuries in athletes, for faster healing
  • knee meniscal injuries
  • knee partial ACL injury
  • ligamentous and tendon injury like tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis
  • rotator cuff and labral tears
  • cosmetic issues such as hair loss in men and women

Why We Use Your Own Cells

At Southcoast we are quite unlike clinics who simply purchase a product called “stem cells” and hire a physician to inject that blindly into joints. We believe autologous bone marrow cells have a proven record of safety and clinical data suggests this is the best option for healing. We also use image guidance for all injections. Unfortunately, studies have demonstrated no living cells in many preparations sold as “stem cells”, and there have been patients harmed with some of these preparations. One such story is recounted in the podcast bad batch.

In addition to cellular therapy treatments, at Southcoast we also offer a variety of other options such as PRP.  Platelet Rich Plasma is not costly, is easily performed in office, and through elements in your own blood may activate your own cells to heal tissue.

The Efficacy of Cell Therapy Debate

Those who tell you cell therapy cannot work for you may simply be misguided.  Studies have shown stem cells can grow cartilage  in a lab setting and stem cell treatments can provide pain relief when autologous cells are used by trained providers.

We are aware that some family physicians or surgeons sometimes tell patients to avoid cellular therapy treatments. This may be either out of concern that the patient might seek treatment from the wrong provider or possibly simply a lack of up to date knowledge on current research. Though there is still much work to do in this field, early work suggests that these treatments may allow patients to postpone the need for more drastic surgery.

When Lawrence H. Summers Phd, President of Harvard University, gave the commencement speech in 2004, he described a future in medicine in which cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers would be treated with therapies based on stem cells. “It is an area where great and fortunate universities like Harvard have to take the lead”, he stated.

Years later in 2016 addressing the attendees at that years science and business symposium at Harvard, Dr. Summers stated he had vastly underestimated the potential of stem cells. He commented that ” I did not appreciate what subsequent research has demonstrated that stem cells have the capacity to treat sickle cell anemia, to grow new heart cells and repair aging hearts, to repair tendons and ligaments, to address blood cancers and to address certain forms of blindness which can be cured by stem cells.”

Mark Fishman MD, a professor of stem cell and regenerative biology at Harvard University has commented that he believes regenerative medicine will prove to be third big wave of transformative medicine, following the control of infectious disease, and todays use of immunotherapies to fight cancer.

The bottom line is that many researchers believe cellular therapy has the potential to change medicine as we know it. We believe that potential is real, and are doing all we can to find optimal treatment options for spine and joint pain that might help patients find pain relieve and restore activity without surgery.

Improving Chances of Success with Cell Therapy

Cell therapy treatments can work but in order to have the best chance of success, patients need to be sure the provider they choose:

  • is experienced in the treatment of joint and spine disease
  • evaluates patients through history, exam and imaging prior to deciding if they are a candidate
  • uses autologous cells
  • has training in current regenerative techniques
  • has access to a network of like minded, well-trained physicians with whom they can discuss cases and treatment options
  • and commits to patient follow up

If you have interest but are unsure, please come in for a consultationsign up for one of our regular seminars, or get on our mailing list to stay abreast of the latest in this exciting field.