An Innovative Approach to Arthritis Treatment

If you’re searching for lasting relief from arthritis and spine pain⁠—without surgery, look no further.

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Southcoast Regenerative Medicine

We utilize the latest advancements in stem cell and regenerative therapy to relieve your chronic arthritis and back pain. These proven techniques work and have even earned the devoted praise of world-class athletes like Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and Rafael Nadal! These procedures are typically simple, almost painless, and provide cells that may continue to work indefinitely.

  • Heals tissue using cellular therapy
  • Utilizes your body’s stem own cells
  • Non-surgical solution
  • Ideal for recovery from joint replacement or injury

We are a proud member of the Bluetail Network with the experience of over 50,000 autologous stem cell procedures!

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Our Specialties

Regenerative techniques use cellular therapy to help your tissues heal without surgery—resulting in decreased pain and improved function.


Don’t let the limitations of joint pain and disability affect your daily life.

Neck & Back Pain

No relief from steroid injections and surgery? You have better options.

Ligament Injuries

From tennis elbow to plantar fasciitis, regenerative medicine is effective.

Cosmetic Treatments

Offering an alternative treatment for hair loss and other cosmetic issues.

Common Questions

Found throughout our bodies, stem cells have yet to differentiate—retaining the ability to take shape in the form of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, or muscles.

Regenerative Medicine as the opposite of degeneration. This practice utilizes many different approaches to stop degeneration and grow healthy new tissue.

In general, there is very little discomfort involved during regenerative procedures. There is also minimal discomfort after the procedure with little to no recovery time.

Clinical studies in North America and Europe have shown impressively favorable outcomes with the use of stem cells in the treatment of joint disease and chronic pain.

Healing from Within

The Mayo Clinic explores the promise of Regenerative Medicine in this informative video.

Patient Praise

“A close friend advised me to try regenerative medicine for a labral tear in my hip. After the treatment, I had pain relief and a follow-up MRI showed the tear to be healed. In my opinion, this treatment was incredibly successful and worth the expense.”
H. Stapleton
Aiken, SC

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