About our Practice

About our Practice

Our goal is to offer cellular therapy options to help patients look and feel younger again.

Southcoast Regenerative Medicine provides cell therapy to patients throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Our goal is to help patients look and feel younger, and regain the active lifestyles they desire, without pain, and WITHOUT SURGERY!

Southcoast Regenerative Medicine is owned and staffed by board certified physicians who have had years of experience in treating spine and joint problems. Our physicians have all had training in Regenerative Medicine and maintain a commitment of continuing education to stay abreast of the most recent advances. We offer autologous cell therapy, meaning we use your own cells in an attempt to provide pain relief. Primarily, those cells come from your bone marrow, and studies consistently show this approach does include stem cells.

Common applications for our regenerative services include:

  • Bone Marrow aspirate cell therapy and alpha 2 macroglobulin for arthritis pain
  • Various orthobiologic treatments for acute and chronic spine pain
  • Amniotic extracts to treat tendonitis
  • PRP and amniotic extracts to treat foot pain like achilles tendonitis
  • The treatment of chronic wrist and hand arthritis
  • Cell therapy for Rotator cuff injuries
  • PRP  for treatment of acute muscle and sports injuries
  •  Orthobiologic injections for knee meniscus and ligament injury
  • Cosmetic applications for stem cell and PRP for hair loss and wrinkles

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Patient-Focused Perspective

Are you tired of trying to explain your pain to your doctor, and being cut short? Do you feel like a number at the medical practice you visit? Are you tired of never seeing your “doctor”, but always a P.A. or other provider?

  1. Have only licensed, board certified physicians, well trained in regenerative therapies, provide care
  2. Develop recovery plans prioritized on individual patient needs and based on sound medical evidence
  3. Use image guidance for ALL procedures, to assure the best chance of success
  4. Offer only procedures that we ourselves would consider, if we were the patient
  5. Always put patient well-being first
  6. Commit to ongoing education in Regenerative medicine and maintain our association with the Bluetail Medical Network so that we might offer the latest, most appropriate options giving  the greatest chance of success
  7. Maintain follow up with patients and enter all patient outcomes in a national registry

At Southcoast Regenerative Medicine, our #1 priority is to always put the patient first! Everything we do at Southcoast is focused on trying to make it as easy as possible for patients to access the incredible healing potential of stem cell therapy and other regenerative techniques. With that in mind we created our ETHICAL MEDICAL PROMISE:

A close friend advised me to try regenerative medicine. 14 months later, my labral tear was shown to be healed. This treatment was incredibly successful and worth the expense. I was very happy with my results!
—Helen S.

What Makes Us Different?

In the last several years many “stem cell clinics” have popped up around the country. Quite often these practices are not even operated by a physician. Instead, an MD with little experience in this realm was hired, to give injections (with no imaging), because the owner of the clinic was not licensed to do so.

Our physicians did not recently move to the realm of regenerative medicine. We have been treating spine and joint problems for twenty years, are quite familiar with traditional options, are well trained using image guidance and use it for all procedures, and have extensive training in regenerative therapy. We are part of the Bluetail Medical Network, one of the premier regenerative groups in North America., and in line with FDA guidance, we offer autologous (your own) stem cell treatments, as well as allogenic products.

We are committed to the use of stem cell and other regenerative therapies to help patients improve without surgery because we know it works. We provide the latest options, with validated techniques of application, at reasonable cost, and we offer a variety of financing options to make these options available to most patients.

  • 20+ Years of specialized experience
  • Ongoing professional development and training
  • Trusted affiliate partner of Bluetail Medical Group
  • Commitment to putting patient well-being first
  • Access to national registry for data
  • Both autologous and allogenic stem cell treatments
Arthritis Specialist

Meet Dr. Daniel

Russell Daniel is the owner and medical director of Southcoast Regenerative medicine. He has practiced medicine for over twenty years and is widely respected by peers both for his knowledge and technical abilities, as well as for his ethical approach to patient care. Many physicians after developing problems, have chosen Dr. Daniel as their physician.

Dr. Daniel graduated from the University of Georgia and Medical College of Georgia. He obtained his board certification in the 90’s, and has been involved in the treatment of spine and joint pain for over two decades, having spent much of that time with a multispecialty orthopedic group. It was during this time that he began to realize how inadequate typical Orthopedic remedies for joint and spine pain really were and committed to explore alternative options that would give patients a better chance for recovery. After developing tennis elbow which persisted for years, and failed to improve after surgery, he was his own first patient using a blood patch (precursor to Platelet Rich Plasma PRP) to resolve his elbow pain. This experience in the late 90s, led Dr. Daniel to believe in the incredible healing potential of regenerative therapy. Since then he has studied countless journal articles, been to a variety of training and educational conferences, and become an affiliate of one of the most renown regenerative practices in North America.

Dr. Daniel founded Southcoast Regenerative Medicine with the goal of offering patients regenerative solutions to spine and joint pain without surgery. He continues to believe in the incredible healing potential of stem cell and remains committed to ongoing study in this realm. He lives in Charleston with his wife and two children, but continues to practice in Charleston and Aiken, SC and Augusta and Savannah, GA.

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