Cell Therapy Options for Back and Neck Pain

Cell Therapy Options for Back and Neck Pain

No relief from steroid injections and surgery? There are other options!

Longstanding back pain? No relief from injections, gabapentin, lyrica, and cymbalta? You are not alone. There are many, many patients who simply don’t respond to traditional treatments.  What about Nerve Ablation? Have you had nerve ablations and still hurt? Have you even had surgery and still have pain? Maybe it is time to stop doing the same things again and again, and instead take charge of your own health.

Southcoast Medical is committed to offering state of the art, medical treatments to help patients become pain free and regain activity.

Back pain or neck pain is present in one of five individuals aged twenty to fifty, occurring in at least 80% of individuals at some point. Many of these patients suffer chronic pain.  Spine surgery often fails to provide pain relief and patients may be left thinking there are no options. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS!

At Southcoast our goal is to find the quickest, most simple, inexpensive way for patients to find pain relief. That may include medications, traditional injections or spinal stimulation…all of these are insurance and Medicare covered options. But if you are one of the many who have been down this road and failed, don’t give up hope. Maybe it is time for you to consider biologic therapy which can use your own cells to relieve your pain.  Just because your surgeon never discussed biologic therapy or your insurance doesn’t approve it, these are poor reasons to remain in pain. There is so much about spine pain that we have yet to understand, but one thing is quite clear, outcomes in fusion surgery are poor. Yet your insurance prefers you take this route? Don’t you think you would be better off trying something else first?

Maybe it is time for you to explore alternatives on your own.

Spine pain can:

  • limit activity and sleep
  • affect daily living
  • fail to respond to typical steroid injections, medications or surgery

If you’ve been to a spine doctor, you know the routine:

  1. over-the-counter and prescription medications
  2. physical therapy, steroid injections
  3. and (of course) surgery.
  4. Then finally, perhaps, spinal stimulation to try to relieve the spine pain you still have

Did you know that surgical outcomes for lumbar fusion were so poor that Blue Cross stopped paying for this procedure? Given these underwhelming choices, patients often opt to do nothing and hope for the best—which only leads to more pain.  Most spine clinics stop at these options. If you fail these treatments, you are simply left in pain.  At Southcoast we offer more. We offer all the traditional options but we also offer biologic therapy, an option which much less downtime, no hospitalization, and the potential to relieve pain without major surgery.

Newer options use cellular therapy from your own body in an effort to reduce back and neck pain. These techniques use only simple injections, and NO SURGERY!

There are a multitude of options, including prolotherapy, PRP lysate and autologous stem cells. Recent presentations at the Orthobiologic Institute’s national meeting by Dr. Atluri, and others, show promising results using cell therapy to treat spine pain.

You don’t have to live with pain related to spine disorders any longer!

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What Causes Back and Neck Pain?

There are many causes of back and neck pain but, most commonly, pain is related to one of these things:

  • A painful disc
  • Pressure on nerves or spinal cord
  • Joint pain in the back of the spine
  • muscle pain

Sometimes, conservative measures may help, but rarely do they solve the problem—acting instead like a band-aid and limiting pain for a short period of time. When these efforts don’t work, surgeons often recommend some type of surgery, such as lumbar fusion. Before you consider something like this, we urge you to find 5 or 10 patients who have been through this, and hear their stories.

During Lumbar Fusion operations, surgeons take out most of a disc they assume to be causing pain and replace it with bone. There is a long, painful recovery period and often the pain does not resolve. So what is a patient to do when conservative measures fail and outcomes are so poor?

He goes above and beyond what most physicians would do to find the best solution for you. I just can’t say enough about Dr. Daniel and the respect I have for him.
—Rebecca N.

Effective Treatment Options with Cellular Therapy

Biologic Therapy can help back pain and neck pain resistant to typical treatments. The exciting thing about this approach is that there is NO SURGERY, no recovery period, and the treatment has the potential to improve the problem, rather than mask it.

Biologic therapy is the future of medicine. This has the potential to actually “heal” injured tissues.  New studies are ongoing at present, most notably studies asking whether certain cells or prp, injected into a painful disc, can resolve pain and increase mobility. Much more research is needed but early results are promising. Additionally, Kevin Pauzza has published data showing that prp combined with fibrin to seal the damaged discs, can relieve back pain.

Golf legend, Jack Nicklaus had what he described as “stem cell” treatments for the small joints in his spine, after he failed steroid injections. He professes to have obtained good relief of his back pain with these injections.

We believe the future will find us using biologic therapy to treat many spinal disorders, and many medical issues like diabetes. There is much research to be done, but there is reason to believe these treatments can be successful and we have seen success in the orthopedic realm in our practice.

Come see us and let us hear your story and help guide you to the right best treatment for your back or neck pain. Take your first steps to recovery by making an appointment today. This step could be the beginning of a life with much less pain!

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