A week in St. Louis with Bluetail Group

Any of you who have read through this website know how much I believe in Regenerative Medicine. It is not only the most incredible thing I have seen in 25 years of medicine, but it is the future.

Stem cell already has been shown to work for knee and hip arthritis. But in the future, stem cells will be used to heal heart and kidney disease.  Stem cells will regenerate organs and heal diabetes and make transplants a thing of the past. I believe this.  But how do we know these procedures work for joint and spine pain now?


Many doctors have been slow to accept stem cell as an option, dismissing its potential without doing research. There are also many unethical clinics that have given stem cells and their use a bad name.

But there are some stem cell pioneers. These physicians and groups have done much to research and promote the use of stem cell treatments. The physicians from Bluetail Medical Medical group were one of the first clinics in North America to adopt the use of stem cell and regenerative medicine. They have used these techniques for over 13 years to treat joint and spine disease. In that time, they have done over 50,000 stem cell procedures and they continue to use these procedures today to help patients with arthritis get relief.

Below are photos of two of these early adopters, Dr. David Crane and Dr. Kristen Oliver.


The Bluetail Group

Dr. David Crane the Bluetail clinic founder,  Dr. Kristin Oliver and Dr. Matt Bayes have enormous experience with stem cell. Though located in St. Louis, the clinic treats patients from all over the U. S.   Last year I joined the Bluetail Network knowing that the expertise and data from this group would allow me to provide more beneficial options to my patients here in South Carolina and Georgia.

I spent a week in May with these physicians, watching them assess and treat patients with joint and spine disease.  We spent a great deal of time reviewing their techniques and outcomes and with them guiding me on the best ways to provide these treatments to patients.

While with the group, I watched a multitude of knee treatments with Dr. Oliver, and spent hours in the fluoroscopy suite with Dr. Crane treating spine disease. All of these procedures used autologous bone marrow (the patients own stem cells) combined with some techniques that have helped improved outcomes. Several of the patients were repeat customers, coming for a left knee treatment for example, after a successful right knee treatment.  The spine treatments were similar to those Jack Nicklaus had, and which he states improved his pain significantly.

These physicians were early adopters of an approach that many physicians and orthopedic surgeons still question. But as time goes by, there is more and more data internationally to support the use of stem cell for spine and joint pain. See the reasons to believe stem cell can work and the reference to Dr. Hernigou’s French study in which patients preferred stem cells 2 to 1 over knee surgery.


The physicians at Bluetail have found stem cell treatments to be very beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. Their personal communication on the rate of patient satisfaction was in the 90th percentile. Knee arthritis is the most common indication and there is no doubt there is literature to support this approach.

Dr. Crane shared the techniques he had found most helpful for patients with chronic spine disease. He has used stem cell to treat:

  • spinal discs
  • spinal joints
  • spine ligaments and soft tissues
  • spinal nerve roots


The group has found stem cell to be successful for other issues as well:

  • tennis elbow
  • plantar fasciitis
  • hip arthritis
  • rotator cuff pain and injury
  • foot and hand arthritis
  • and more……



You may not know too much about stem cell, and you may have heard that it cannot work for you.  But we are here to tell you that stem cell can work for many applications and it can give years of relief.

Isn’t it time that you investigated further?

Don’t let another week go by without talking to a physician with experience. Come see us and let us help you find the right solution for you.

Don’t keep living with problems that can be addressed.

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