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Can Biologic Therapy help knee pain even with severe arthritis?

Knee arthritis pain and biologics   You have knee arthritis. You are in pain. Your surgeon tells you that you have severe arthritis and you have tried: physical therapy anti-inflammatory medications knee braces knee injections AND YOU STILL HAVE PAIN!   Now your surgeon is telling you that your only option is Knee replacement surgery.  […]

FDA Compliance treating knee arthritis

NON-SURGICAL KNEE ARTHRITIS TREATMENTS CAN GET YOU ACTIVE AGAIN WITHOUT SURGERY!   The doctors at Southcoast believe regenerative therapy is the future of medicine.  Patients who previously would have had surgery, are now finding relief without going under the knife, with less recovery time, less major risks, and no hospitalization.  The promise of Regenerative Medicine […]

Can Cell Therapy Successfully Treat Chronic Back Pain?

Can Cell Therapy Successfully Treat Chronic Back Pain?   Chronic back pain can be one of the most disabling issues a person can develop. Current treatment options often fail to provide relief, leaving many patients relying on opiods for for some semblance of normal function. There is little data that opiods continue to give long […]

Cell Therapy Efficacy in knee arthritis

Can we reduce pain from Knee Arthritis, and improve mobility, using PRP or BMC? Knee Arthritis can be very painful and can cause disability, limiting a patient’s lifestyle significantly.  According to recent data 40% of people over age 40 have knee arthritis. This causes a substantial strain on our medical system. Traditionally, treatment options are […]

New Help for Bone Damage in Knee Arthritis!

Have you been told that surgery is the only option to treat your knee arthritis? Now there may be another answer! We all know that the loss of cartilage is the primary issue in arthritis. This cartilage loss leads to pain and loss of function, and quite often medications and injections will not relieve the […]

Why did my Doctor tell me NOT to have CellularTreatments?

You have arthritis and have been told that you need  a knee replacement. Unfortunately, your friend had knee replacement and is miserable. He continues to have pain and has been unable to get back to sports and even to simply return to normal activities. In addition, you have done your research and you see that […]

What is Involved in a Cellular Therapy Treatment?

So you are thinking about cellular therapy and you want to know what is involved. Do you have to go to a hospital? Will you need general anesthesia? Will the recovery times be long and painful? The answer to all of the questions is NO! Cellular therapy treatments involve no hospital stay, no need for […]

How PRP helped me!

    Are you considering  PRP treatments to relieve your arthritis and spine pain? Are you skeptical that this can work? Let me share with you the story of how PRP worked for me. I grew up in a middle-class family and we rarely went to the doctor. When we did, we knew the doctor […]

Autologous Bone Marrow or purchased Amniotic Products / Which is better?

Across the United States amniotic tissue products are being used and sold as “STEM CELLS”.  Several companies produce injectable amniotic products and many healthcare offices use these products with advertising suggesting they contain many millions of Stem Cells able to remedy most any problem.  In these clinics patients come in for treatment, the amniotic product […]