How can Cellular Treatments help me if I already have knee arthritis?

Knee arthritis affects almost all of us if we live long enough.  Unfortunately, it affects some us much too soon and turns our retirement “Go Go Years” into “No Go Years”. Knee arthritis is the most common reason people come to see us for Regenerative Therapy.

Some patients come to us early to try to prevent the dramatic bone and cartilage changes that happen with arthritis. But others, only find out about regenerative medicine after they have already developed substantial changes. They have significant knee arthritis and ask……

Can Cell Therapy still help me if I already have knee arthritis?

The answer is YES!

Your own cells have the ability to provide more functionality and less pain, even in advanced cases of arthritis.

But How?

What can cell therap do if I already have significant arthritis?

Your own cells can create pain relief by blocking pain receptors

Some cells have the ability to give patients pain relief, regardless of the degree of arthritis.

Pain Relief

This is because certain cells themselves can block receptors that cause pain. These are the same receptors that drugs block, and the patient feels similar relief, but there is no risk of addiction.

Some Cells can block inflammation in arthritic joints

Remember Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies TV show? She could predict the weather through her arthritis pain level. This really is true to some extent and is likely related to changes in inflammation and pressure within a joint. This can be blocked by stem cells.

Patients often go through periods of advanced pain, which may related to inflammation secondary to activity or illness. This can be limited by certain cell types.

Some Cells can heal meniscus and ligament injury

We know from both lab studies in animals, and clinical studies in humans, that certain cells can heal meniscus tears and knee ligament injury. Part of the arthritis process is a change in the structure of these key knee elements.

Knee Joint Cross Section Showing the major parts which made the knee joint  11 lateral collateral ligament 12 quadriceps

Some Stem Cell Clinics take processed cells and simply inject them blindly into the knee. That likely is not the best option. At Southcoast Medical, we focus on the key parts of the knee by directing cells to the bone, cartilage and the meniscus.  We take specific efforts to visualize and inject the meniscus and lateral ligaments that overlay them. We believe this provides more direct healing power to those tissues and allows the knee to regain stability and structural support.

Some Cells can grow new cartilage

The primary issue in knee arthritis is cartilage loss. This leads to many other problems.

Lab studies (University of Pittsburgh)  and human case reports make it clear that stem cells have the ability to heal cartilage and thus improve function. While it is not yet clear if this can be replicated clinically, it is a reason for directing cells not just to the knee joint, but also to the bone below the damaged cartilage, recognizing that this may help those tissues heal more thoroughly.

Some Cells can heal bone

Bone growth was one of the earliest applications for stem cells. It is quite clear these cells can grow new bone.

Some Cells replicate, and their effects are long lasting

Certain cells replicate, producing many more healing cells. These cells and their effects may last indefinitely so that the healing properties of stem cells persist over many years.


Cell Therapy can help even after patients develop severe arthritis

There are some cases in which outcomes after stem cell are not good. In those cases, after examination and review of imaging studies, if we felt cell therapy would not help you, we would make that clear, and explain your best chance of success may be with other options.

However in most cases, even with severe arthritis, there is good evidence that cellular therapy can help.

If you have Knee arthritis already and wonder if cell treatments still might help you, then you need to see a capable physician with experience in this realm.

At Southcoast Medical we have that experience. We are ethical. We will guide you to your best option.

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