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How Common Is Knee Pain by Age Group?

Knee pain can affect anyone regardless of age. Keen pain can occur for various reasons such as stress injuries, fractures, or osteoarthritis. That said, when you look at the prevalence of knee pain in various age groups, it appears that knee pain is more common in some groups than others. In this article, we consider the occurrence of knee pain by age group.

Knee Pain in Senior Citizens

According to medical experts, knee pain is a very common musculoskeletal condition. It’s the number one cause of disability in people over 50 years old, and it’s estimated that 25% of the UK general population in this age group are affected by knee pain. This makes sense because the most common cause of knee pain is age-related. The good news is leading a healthy lifestyle that involves exercise and stretching can help improve knee pain. When it comes to treatment options, there are knee pain solutions you can take advantage of so that knee pain doesn’t stop you from playing your favorite sport, whether that’s golf or tennis.

Knee Pain in Athletes

Knee pain is a condition that affects adults with athletes being more susceptible to this condition. For instance, if you run regularly, you might at one point or another deal with the condition runner’s knee. In this case, it’s important to address the knee pain so that it doesn’t affect your active lifestyle. Athletes can stop knee pain by resting as much as possible, applying ice for pain relief, and visiting a medical professional. Taking NSAIDs, elevating your leg, and doing strengthening and stretching exercises also help.

Knee Pain in Teens

Teens or young adults can also be affected by knee pain. Common causes of knee pain in teens include trauma to the knee, overuse, and certain medical conditions. Although knee pain isn’t a condition that happens to older people only, it’s less common in teens, and treatment options generally include applying ice, taking anti-inflammatories, and resting as much as possible to allow the affected area to heal.

As you can see, knee pain occurrence varies by age group. It’s more common in those in the 55+ age group. If you belong to this age group, it’s essential to seek tailored knee pain solutions so you can keep enjoying your life. Contact Southcoast Medical today to learn more about which customized knee pain solutions might be right for you.