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5 Ways to Stay Safe While Running

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape. One of the most popular exercises is running, which also happens to be free. However, for you to get the best results from running, you need to ensure that you do it safely. Here are five ways to stay safe while running. 1. Have the Right […]

How to Alleviate Knee Pain During Golfing

There are more than 100 types of arthritis. Several of them affect the knee joint, causing pain. This includes pseudogout, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Knee pain is common in golfers. It mainly affects the knee that tends to take maximum torsional loading, which is the lead knee. Most golfers undergo ACL reconstruction and experience stress […]

Running With Bad Knees: 3 Essential Steps to Take

Whether you are an athlete or you just love to run, you can experience severe to mild pain in one or both knees when running. When such pains start showing, you might need to take caution to prevent further damage. The pain in the knee may be due to an injury sustained when young or […]

4 Ways Knee Pain Affects Your Daily Life

Knee pain is a frequent ailment among individuals of all ages. Knee discomfort can be caused by an injury, such as a torn ligament or cartilage. Knee discomfort can also be caused by medical disorders such as arthritis, gout, and infections. People affected by knee pain often face difficulty in their everyday life. Below are […]

3 Surprising Facts About Knee Pain

If you’re experiencing pain in and around the knee, this typically indicates there’s something wrong with the knee joint or the soft tissue surrounding the knee joint. Knee pain is often common in older people and can prevent these elders from leading the active life they desire. It’s important to seek treatment if you have […]

How Common Is Knee Pain by Age Group?

Knee pain can affect anyone regardless of age. Keen pain can occur for various reasons such as stress injuries, fractures, or osteoarthritis. That said, when you look at the prevalence of knee pain in various age groups, it appears that knee pain is more common in some groups than others. In this article, we consider […]