New Causes for ARTHRITIS?

What is Arthritis, Who gets it, How do we treat it?

Arthritis can be our bane of existence, as we get older. Pain, limited range of motion, trouble walking, pain with sleep, arthritis can cause all these things. If we have failed all treatments, what can we do?

Medicine keeps moving forward and recent treatments now include biologic therapy for arthritis and spine pain. This can work, even if all other things have failed.

New research on why we get Arthritis

We all know about arthritis and we all know it is much more common in older people.  But there are younger people who develop arthritis, and some people get arthritis worse than others. Arthritis can happen because:

  • you are older (we all likely will get arthritis if we live long enough)
  • your lifestyle (wear and tear)
  • You have too much weight
  • Your genetics

Once it happens, the pain and limited motion can make life miserable.



How do we treat Arthritis?

Typically, we do the same things for arthritis:

  • avoid causes of pain
  • uses a brace
  • take motrin or alleve
  • get knee injection

But what do we do if this fails?

Biologic therapy Treatments for arthritis can help

Cellular Therapy is still not accepted by many traditional doctors. But it should be, and it will be. 

Our understanding of arthritis is changing and along with that our understanding of treatments will change as well and research on cell therapy shows it can work as well or better than big surgeries like knee replacement.

Cellular therapy can treat Arthritis!

If you are a patient told your arthritis is from “wear and tear” or “obesity” and told you need surgery, maybe it is time for you to question your doctor.  Maybe there are other reasons you developed arthritis, and maybe there are other treatments.

We Can Help.

Don’t keep dealing with arthritis pain because you don’t want surgery.  Don’t keep listening to doctors who tell you there are no other options but surgery.

Southcoast Medical can help. We cannot guarantee success, but we can guarantee to give you more options, answer your questions, and to make you aware of some of the exciting new treatments that have incredible potential, including cell therapy. These therapies have been shown to help.

Take your first step to recovery with an appointment.