New Causes for ARTHRITIS?

What is Arthritis, Who gets it, How do we treat it?

Cellular Therapy can treat Arthritis.

The causes of Arthritis are not what we once thought, and newer treatments like cellular therapy  can address these causes.

New research on why we get Arthritis

We all know about arthritis and we all know it is much more common in older people.  But there are younger people who develop arthritis, and some people get arthritis worse than others.

Why is this?

Do you have arthritis?  Have you ever asked your orthopedic surgeon why?  Why you? Why now?  If so, I bet you he has given you one of the following answers:

  • Arthritis happened because you are older (we all likely will get arthritis if we live long enough)
  • Your lifestyle caused arthritis (wear and tear)
  • You have too much weight (possibly obesity)
  • Your genetics led to arthritis (if mom and dad has it, you will too)


These are answers we all have heard before and they are all right. But researchers have found some interesting things about arthritis recently. It seems perhaps we did not know as much we thought we knew.

Researchers at Stanford School of Medicine have definitely linked mast cells to Osteoarthritis.  You can read the article in its entirety here.

Mast cells are immune cells and if these cells and their effects are blocked, that could protect against arthritis.  This research was done in mice, but is believed to be applicable to humans.

Mast cells cause allergic reactions but also produce proteins that destroy cartilage. The researchers found that these cells were active and involved in joint destruction.

How does this new research affect our treatment of Arthritis?

Based on this new research it might be possible to develop drugs that stop mast cell secretion. This might can stop arthritis.

There is no doubt obesity, trauma, and wear and tear can affect the onset of arthritis. But this research shows that our understanding of the causes of arthritis has been lacking.

Last year research from a study of West Point cadets was presented supporting other causes for joint injury.  In the West Point study researchers found that the cadets who went on to suffer ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries, had markers in their blood months prior to injury. So these cadets might have torn their ACL in sports, yet they were predisposed to do so.  This is incredible research indicating our thinking about joint injuries may have been way off base.

What does this mean for Cell therapy Treatments for arthritis and ligament injury?

There are three major lessons we should learn from these studies:

  • First: It is clear our understanding of why people get arthritis been lacking
  • Second: This lack of understanding applies to sports injuries in athletes as well as arthritis
  • Third: This evidence showing our lack of understanding of the mechanism of arthritis, might also suggest that our treatments have been shortsighted

Cellular Therapy is still not accepted by many traditional doctors. But it should be, and it will be. 

Our understanding of arthritis is changing and along with that our understanding of treatments will change as well.

Cellular therapy can treat Arthritis!

If you are a patient told your arthritis is from “wear and tear” or “obesity” and told you need surgery, maybe it is time for you to question your doctor.  Maybe there are other reasons you developed arthritis, and maybe there are other treatments.

We Can Help.

Don’t keep dealing with arthritis pain because you don’t want surgery.  Don’t keep listening to doctors who tell you there are no other options but surgery.

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